17     Scripting

Nucleon BI products allows you native scripting with third party languages and interpreters like R, Python, Julia, C#, PSPP and others. To interact with these languages you need to set some expressions for data handling.


To read data from a data source lease use the following expression:



The supported file formats are: csv, json, html and xml.

This expressin tells binding renderer to read data fom data source and export it to file. The native language script reads the data in the file in given specific format and do process it.


The following gexample is written for R Script to read data as CSV format:

mydata <- read.csv(file="{MainDataSet.Invoices}", strip.white = TRUE)



To Export a plot image into a file which can our binding renderer can read it please use the following expression:





The following example shows a sample image export for a R Script file:

png(file="{vertical lines.png}", width=600, height=600, units='px', res=96)


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