1       Welcome to BI Studio

Nucleon BI Studio is innovative business intelligence, reporting and data analysis software for Desktop. It supports relational and schema-free (NoSQL) database systems and other data sources. Nucleon BI Studio and BI Modules simplifies analyzing, managing, editing, visualizing, exporting, importing and reporting your database and file based data.


Nucleon DS (Data Science) Studio is extended version of Nucleon BI Studio, you can find more documentation online.


Nucleon BI Studio is a modern Microsoft Windows and .Net-based desktop application that provides a business intelligence and data analytics development and management platform for database systems. Supported Databases and Data Sources are:

·         WebDbProxy to any Data Source

·         WebDbBridge to RDMS

·         MongoDB 3 or higher

·         ArangoDB 1.0 or higher

·         Couchbase 1.0 or higher

·         Amazon Redshift

·         NuoDB 1.0 or higher

·         Oracle Database 11g or higher

·         IBM DB2, IBM Informix, IBM Netezza

·         Ingres Database

·         SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2012, 2014, 2017 and SQLCE

·         MS Azure SQL Azure, Azure CosmosDB

·         TeraData

·         MySQL 4 or higher

·         PostgreSQL 7 or higher

·         FireBird Database 1.5 or higher

·         SQLite Database

·         dBase, FoxPro and XML Files (XMLDB)

·         ODBC and OleDb Connections to any database system.

·         OData (Open Data Protocol)

·         CSV and MS Excel Files

·         Google Analytics and Google BigQuery

·         Web Services, Rest Services

·         .Net Objects

·         Apache Cassandra

·         Redis Database

·         AutoCAD PD Files

·         ESRI SDE, FileGeoDB and PersonalGeoDB

·         And more…

1.1    System Requirements

·         Windows 8.1/Windows10 (32/64 Bit)

·         Windows Server 2008/2012

·         Min. 2014 MB RAM

·         .Net Framework 4.6.2

1.2    Database Requirements

·         IBM Data Client (Optional)

·         IBM Informix Client (Optional)

·         IBM Netezza ODBC Driver (Optional)

·         NuoDB ODBC Driver (Optional)

·         R Software for Statistics (Optional)

·         Apache Hadoop Hive  ODBC Driver from Microsoft (Optional)



1.3      General Installation Instructions

The BI Studio application is a Microsoft Windows based program and does require the .Net Framework to be installed. The minimum runtime environment needs to be .Net Framework 4.6.2.


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