23     Data Export

The data export feature gives you an option to export and share your data. The export dialog provides the following data export formats:

·         XML, XMLDB (XML file with XSD Schema), HTML, CSV, JSON

·         Excel (XML), Excel 2007, Word 2007, RTF

·         PDF, RTF, Open Office Writer, Open Office-Calc, XPS, dBase, PNG (Image)



Data Export Dialog

23.1                General Options

Encoding: Encoding of the file.

Write Column Headers: If the checkbox is checked, the Field (Column) headers will be included in the export.


Substitution for NULL (or Empty) Values: If data row or cell contains null (or empty) values they will be replaced by the chosen value type from the combo box.

23.2                CSV Data Export

CSV Data Export provides the following options:

·         Field Separator:The separator character between the fields (columns)

·         Field Encloser:The field (column) data encloser.

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