16         Data Import

Database Master provides XML, CSV and bulk SQL import features.

16.1Bulk SQL Import

The Bulk SQL Import can import or execute SQL commands (or statements) in an SQL file. Bulk SQL Import feature is a good fit for large SQL files and imports. You can import any large SQL file into your database and a progress dialog will be shown.  During SQL import all log status and information will be written in a log file. After the import the user can check and find more information about bulk import.



Bulk SQL Import Dialog


The log file will be written to the desktop but the user can change the file location.



16.2CSV Data Import

Data import feature supports only CSV format. With this feature you can import any CSV data into a database table.


CSV Data Import Dialog

16.2.1    CSV Import Options

Field Encloser: Encloser character for the field.

Field Separator: Separator character for the field.

Comment: start character for the comment line

Encoding: Encoding of the CSV file.

Number of Error Limit: This option allows you to control your CSV data import.

Log File: The CSV import feature writes all import errors and import summary into the log file. You can check this file after the import.



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