23         Code Factory

The Code Factory feature allows user to generate code for a selected language (Java, C#, PHP etc.) from the database structures and tables types. Code Factory works with code templates (*.codetemp) and the user can define everything in that template. This means you are free to define anything in the template; and to do that you need to add according to the following template syntax.


The following table descripts the Code Factory template syntax:



<filename></ filename >

The name of the output file.


For every table, field (column) will be printed.


The name of the table will be printed.


The type of the field (target language) will be printed.


Name of the field will be printed.


The user should create her/his code templates. The Code Factory reads top directory and all sub directories and generates the code for each template. It copies other project resources (images, xml files) into the target folder. So you can generate the whole project with Code Factory. image

Code Factory Dialog


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